Study Abroad Through Dragons-Naropa: India

Good for: Students interested in studying issues about religious pluralism and practice (Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Jain, Sikhs), traditional art forms, or global economic development.


Based in Varanasi, the City of Light, Dragons' India semester abroad program immerses students in an intensely thriving community located just above the banks of the Ganges River.  In Varanasi students have the chance to see Hindus walk through dawn light for a ritual dip in their cherished Ganges, and they can learn as well from the communities of Buddhists, Jains, Muslims, Sikhs and other devoted people who live and practice in Varanasi.

Students live with welcoming families whose members might include world-renowned sitar and tabla players, traditional doctors, university professors, or local artisans. Daily language classes in Hindi not only help students communicate with Indian hosts, but with leaders of service-learning projects sponsored by schools, clinics, and environmental organizations. Independent Study Projects, another critical component of the semester, give students the chance to acquire new and fascinating skills, develop a fresh perspective on historical and social issue, and practice traditional Indian art forms.

While engaging in these studies, students also have the chance to explore some of the subcontinent's most venerated and least-known places. From a trip to the Bodhi Tree and Temple at Bodhgaya, where the Buddha attained enlightenment, to traditional local villages rarely visited by Westerners, students witness what it means to live in India in the 21st century. Throughout the journey, students and instructors collaborate to create spaces in which students discover new aspects of compassion and leadership and grow to better know themselves.

Course Descriptions

Dates for Fall Semester: Sept 12 – Dec 6 (Coursework begins a month before departure and is done at home.)

Dates for Spring Semester: Feb 12 – May 1 (Coursework begins a month before departure and is done at home.)

Cost for 2015-2016

Naropa tuition*: $15,200
Room & Board: $2,655
TOTAL: $17,855

*Tuition includes 12-16 credit hours plus in-country travel and excursions.

Additionally, you will be responsible for:

Airfare:  Approximately $2,000
Travel insurance: Approximately $465
Visa: $76
Books & supplies: Approximately $125
Immunizations: Varies
Personal expenses: Varies

Scholarships are available to offset all of these costs. Your state and federal financial aid plus Naropa aid (scholarships/grants) apply for this Dragons' program. Work-study monies do not apply.

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