Study Abroad with Naropa & Where There Be Dragons

Naropa University offers four approved study abroad programs through a partnership with Where There Be Dragons. These programs must be taken for 12-16 academic credits (full-time student status.) The program offerings include:

Who can study abroad using the Dragons Partner Programs?

  • Dragons programs are for undergraduate students only.
  • To be eligible, students must meet the following two criteria at the time of application:
    • 15 college credits completed (Naropa and/or transfer credits).
    • at least 12 Naropa credits completed or in progress.  
  • Students must complete at least 60 credits on-campus at Naropa University to complete their degree requirements. While Dragons credits count as Naropa credits (and not transfer credits), they do not count as on-campus credits.  Therefore, students must consult with their academic advisor to determine if sufficient elective credits are available to participate in a Dragons Study Abroad Program without hindering the completion of their major and/or core requirements in a timely manner.
  • Students must possess a 2.5 GPA to apply and be in good disciplinary standing (i.e. no disciplinary problems, not currently in the judiciary process, not on probation, etc.)
  • Students will also go through a Dragons' application process and must meet all of Dragons' requirements, too.

What happens to the credits?

For the above Dragons' Programs, you will receive Naropa elective credit.   Please check with your advisor to ensure that you need additional elective credits to complete your degree requirements.

What does it cost to study abroad on a Dragons Program?

Please visit the individual program pages for a complete description and cost of the program. Students are allowed to use Naropa institutional aid (grants or scholarships), plus their state and federal financial aid towards these four partner study abroad programs. Work-study does not apply abroad. There is a $150.00 non-refundable Study Abroad application fee that is paid to Dragons at the time of application.

What does the cost include?

Cost includes tuition, housing and meals abroad. Also, included are orientation, in-country support, and excursions.

What additional costs can a student expect to incur?

The student is responsible for the costs of airfare, passport and visa fee and costs incurred obtaining these documents, snacks, books, medical and travel insurance, and personal expenses.

How does the student pay the bill?

For each Dragons' program you will be charged full-time tuition (12-16 credits) plus room and board. You will pay this fee directly to Naropa. You may use state and federal financial aid plus Naropa aid (Naropa scholarships/grants.) It is the student's responsibility to meet with Student Affairs for a bus pass and/or health insurance waiver. If you do not do this you will be charged for a bus pass and student health insurance.

Are there scholarships?

Dragons offers limited scholarships for qualified individuals. In addition to Dragons' scholarships, there are also a number of organizations that award study abroad scholarships to qualified students. Learn more about study abroad scholarships here.

When are Study Abroad applications due for a Dragons' program?

Students should apply for study abroad the semester prior to their intended departure.  For a fall semester program, the deadline to submit an application is March 15; for a spring semester program, the deadline to submit an application is October 15. 

How long can a student study abroad on a Dragons' Program?

Most students will study for one semester. In special circumstances and with prior academic approval from the student's advisor and the Undergraduate Dean it is possible to tack on another study abroad semester as an internship through our approved partnership with Where There Be Dragons, if it fits with the student's overall academic plan.

Steps for a Dragons-Naropa Sponsored Study Abroad Program

  • If you are eligible to apply, decide on which program may be best for you. Visit the program pages to learn more or call 303-413-0822 to inquire.
  • Once you decide on which program you are interested in, apply directly through Dragons. There will be a $150 non-refundable application fee to be paid to Dragons at the time of applying.
  • After acceptance, you have 10 days to pay an $800 deposit to Naropa University (or meet with the financial aid office to determine if your financial aid package will cover the study abroad expenses.) All federal and state financial aid, plus your Naropa scholarships apply toward a Dragons' academic program.
  • Meet with your advisor to decide how many credits you would like to take the Dragons' program for. As a Naropa student you must choose full-time status (12 or 16 credits).
  • Tell your advisor which courses you will take and then register through your MyNaropa account. All credits count as elective credit. Pay your tuition and room and board balance to Naropa for the program. (Or, meet with the Financial Aid Office.)
  • You will also need to pay Dragons directly for airfare and travel insurance.
  • At the end of the program, you can see your grades in your MyNaropa account. (Dragons' programs are for Naropa credit, so there is no need to request a transcript.)

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