Study Abroad Through Dragons-Naropa: China

Course Descriptions: Naropa students may choose to do the program for 12-16 credits

ANT 250B Regional Seminar: China in Transition

This course provides students with a solid background in modern Chinese history, setting the stage for a grounded understanding of the myriad social issues that China faces today. This course surveys issues related to education, public health, the environment, civil society, economic development, law, gender, ethnic minorities, human rights, and popular culture. Taught by instructors and guest lecturers, students engage local experts in discussion, including local professors, development workers, business professionals, health care practitioners, scholars and artists. Special guests enhance formal classes by guiding students in lessons in various Chinese arts and pastimes, such as calligraphy, martial arts, ink painting and culinary design. Each hands-on experience addresses the importance of these art forms in modern Chinese society. Lectures are supplemented with readings, films and field trip to schools, health clinics and local non-governmental organization (NGO) project sites. In addition, our travels in China take us to communities where these issues are vividly displayed, providing invaluable opportunities for study and reflection. Students are required to complete various writing assignments throughout the course and will prepare a final research paper on a social issue of their choice.

ANT 211B Contemplative Intercultural Development and Leadership

The process of understanding self in relation to others in our globalized world is essential in the 21st century.  The purpose of this course is to carefully examine who we are through the experience of living, learning and engaging in the region.  Through both guided and organic processes, students examine global citizenship, develop effective intercultural and interpersonal communication skills and explore the depths of their internal landscape in relationship to the outside world.  From this wellspring of inner knowing, students discover their own authentic leadership capabilities and strengths as a responsible and curious citizen of the globe.

ISP 325B Independent Study Project

The Independent Study Project (ISP) offers each student the opportunity to conduct in-depth study on a subject of his or her choice. Students will be matched with two ISP Advisors; a program instructor who has experience and knowledge relevant to the student's ISP topic as well as a member of the local community with whom the student will study or apprentice. An ISP may involve either an academic focus of inquiry, or learning a skill which would require an apprenticeship.

Mandarin Language I, II, III - CHIN 150, 250, or 350

Students will participate in daily formal Mandarin lessons for approximately two hours per day while traveling and during extended home-stays with Chinese families. Classes focus on increasing vocabulary, improving grammar and pronunciation as well as learning to read and write Chinese characters. Additionally, students will be assigned customized language projects that will give them the opportunity to practice their language skills and develop the oral proficiency necessary to converse with native speakers. Experiential activities such as field trips to markets or temples and guided interaction with native speakers will supplement formal classroom instruction. There will be additional opportunities for supplementary one-on-one tutoring sessions with Dragons instructors or local teachers. Students interested in studying Chinese characters intensively may do so outside of class with instructor support.