Study Abroad in Bhutan: Costs

Breakdown of costs

Naropa tuition for spring 2016: $15,200

Student fees for spring 2016: $3,200. Student fees cover airfare from Bangkok, Thailand to Bhutan, housing and meals while in Bhutan, excursions within Bhutan, in-country support and most educational materials.

Personal expenses not included in Naropa bill: Cost of airfare from the Los Angeles to Bangkok, passport fee (and costs incurred obtaining this document), snacks, books, immunizations, medical and travel insurance, and personal expenses. Admitted students will be required to show proof of insurance prior to departure.


Admitted students will be asked to pay a $500 non-refundable deposit within 2 weeks of admission to secure a spot in this program.

How to pay the bill?

Students will be charged full-time Naropa tuition plus the student fee of $3,200. Both will appear on the student bill and be paid directly to Naropa. Naropa students may use institutional aid such as grants and scholarships, as well as state and federal financial aid.

Visiting students should check with the financial aid office at their home institution to see what aid may apply to Naropa's Bhutan study abroad program.

Special note to Naropa students: It is your responsibility to meet with Student Affairs for a bus pass and/or health insurance waiver. If you do not do this you will be charged for a bus pass and student health insurance.


For Naropa students, there are scholarships available for qualified individuals. To learn more about study abroad scholarships available to Naropa students, please visit Naropa's financial aid scholarship page.

Additionally, there are scholarship opportunities specifically for study abroad that can be found on the Study Abroad Scholarships page.

If you will attend as a visiting student, please contact your home institution for available opportunities.