Minors in Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies program is designed to empower students to develop the knowledge base and skill set needed to address complex environmental issues. The major emphasizes experiential learning, cutting-edge principles of sustainability, natural science, and active engagement with environmental issues. Imbued with Naropa’s contemplative approach, the curriculum cultivates students’ understanding of the earth as a living system and fosters an awakened relationship between self and world.

The 36-credit program incorporates multiculturalism, diverse worldviews and environmental justice issues that enhance students’ ability to work in community contexts.

Foundational to this program is an exploration of the individual, cultural and sacred dimensions of the human-nature relationship. Contemplative nature-based practices deepen students’ relationship to the natural world.

By blending analytical thought, academic rigor, hands-on knowledge, and contemplative practices,
the Environmental Studies program develops students’ capacities for celebrating, serving and protecting the well-being of the earth.

The department also offers 12-credit minors in Ecology and Systems Science, Environmental History and Justice, Sustainability, Permaculture, and Sacred Ecology.