Becky Lee

Becky Lee

Name: Becky Lee
Concentration: Transpersonal Psychology
Graduating Class: 2004
Hometown: Onamia, Minnesota

Why did you choose Naropa?

I desired an education of "the whole person." I was ready for a different type of college experience. My first two years of school, I felt that I was mostly just memorizing facts, history and statistics, and I wanted my BA degree to be more than that.

How did you find out about Naropa?

An advertisement in the Utne Reader magazine.

What were your plans after graduation?

To simply find a job making a difference in the world. I wanted to help. Naropa helped me to see that this was possible. When I first came to Naropa, I sort of felt that the world was a bit of a lost cause or that I was too small to change anything. Naropa helped me to learn that the first thing I needed to do was change my perspective. My first job after graduation was as an Adoption Specialist Case Worker for the state of Florida.

The most challenging aspect of Naropa:

The Maitri room meditation. It was triggering and challenging.

What do you miss?

The lively discussions and openness of the classrooms. I have made some very important and lasting friendships that will continue, but I miss seeing those people on a daily basis.

Classes and Activities:

I mostly took psychology and environmental studies classes. I was involved in the GLBTQ group and was a work study for the BA Psych. Department. I attended and enjoyed many of the musical and arts performances at the school.

How has the Naropa Psychology program changed you?

This question really should read: "Is there any way that the Naropa Psychology program did not change you?" I feel that I am a very different person due to my experience at Naropa. I am self-aware and self-loving. I am a daily meditator; I have a sound spiritual practice and travel along life's path with peace in my heart. I feel that before I came to Naropa I had glimpses of these things in my life, but that I never really had a clear path or method of expression for this area of my life.

Favorite Naropa experience:

I enjoyed the hiking and meditation experiences with the environmental studies classes; I have enjoyed a stronger connection with the planet since my Naropa experience.

What are you most proud of?

I am proud to be walking my talk, working toward personal growth and enlightenment, and I am proud of being kind to myself when I stumble.

Some words of advice?

Naropa University is a college that I would recommend (and have) to anyone who is seeking to learn more about themselves; it is a fabulous place to study human nature and watch yourself grow!