Traditional Eastern Arts

Traditional Eastern Arts // Bachelor of Arts

The Traditional Eastern Arts bachelor of arts degree at Naropa University gives you the remarkable opportunity to learn and experience sitting meditation—in the Shambhala and Zen traditions—while also choosing the in-depth study of one of the great mind/body disciplines: Ta'i-chi Ch'uan, Aikido or Yoga.

As a Traditional Eastern Arts major, you will not only delve deeply into the practice of your chosen discipline, but you will also learn its history, philosophy and cultural underpinnings. By taking on a practice in such an intense intellectual, spiritual and physical way, you will acquire the kind of strength and discipline you can apply to any area of your life.

Traditional Eastern Arts Bachelor's Degree Highlights

  • Naropa's Ta'i-chi Ch'uan program teaches the short form, Yang style of Grand Master Cheng Man-ch'ing
  • Participate in Shambhala Meditation Practicum, where you will learn sitting meditation and the principles of Shambhala Warriorship.
  • Take part in a Yoga Meditation Practicum, where you will be exposed to the meditative traditions and practices of yoga; yoga asanas are practiced vinyasa-style based on the Iyengar principles of alignment.
  • Synthesize your education through the development and presentation of a senior project.

Concentrations: Choose one of three concentrations—T'ai-chi Ch'uan, Aikido and Yoga Teacher Training. Minor: Naropa offers the option of obtaining a minor in Traditional Eastern Arts.

Certificate: A Traditional Eastern Arts Certificate in Yoga Teacher Training is available for students interested in a university-based program.

Duration: The Traditional Eastern Arts degree program is 36-credit major offered in the context of Naropa's contemplative liberal arts core curriculum.

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Careers of Traditional Eastern Arts Program Graduates

Many of Naropa's Traditional Eastern Arts graduates pursue advanced degrees in various fields. Others have gone on to teach yoga to struggling families in Nepal, become yoga program directors for health centers, yoga therapists, wellness coaches, and full-time yoga teachers working in a range of settings. Related Naropa Facilities and Initiatives Naropa University is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance.