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Student and Alumni Stories

Alyson Duffey

Alumni Highlight

“My friend told me that at Naropa, you climb a mountain for your final exam. My interests were piqued, to say the least! Though I’m not sure if this mountain climbing assignment is (or was) true, I was beyond excited to learn at my interview as a prospective student that I would experience a wilderness solo as part of the program. That wilderness solo was a life-changer.”

— Alyson Duffey, Developmental Director, Growing Gardens
MA, Environmental Leadership

Cameron Millard

Alumni Highlight

“Becoming an authentic leader in my community hasn’t been simply a matter of just being myself, rather it has involved struggle, effort, and the pursuit of self-reflection in relationship to my work in the world. My education at Naropa gives me a very tangible skill towards this end, and I credit those skills for leveraging the impact I’ve been able to have on the world."

— Cameron Millard, Cloud City Conservation Center, Leadville, CO
MA, Environmental Leadership

Kristin Wegner

Alumni Highlight

“If you are called to the Environmental Leadership program at all—listen to that message! The contemplative and cohort nature of the program provides access to dig deeper while learning how to be an environmental leader. Given all the environmental justice, climate change, and environmental degradation issues we have in our world, we need more environmental leaders that are co-creating a new paradigm and working on solutions!”

— Kristin Wegner, Project Manager, Climate Voices at University Corporation of Atmospheric Research (UCAR)
MA, Environmental Leadership