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Student Testimonials

"My time in Naropa University's Contemplative Education program changed me in ways ranging far beyond the expected. It was a genuinely transformative experience, to the extent that imbues my life with a focus I would never have thought existed before. For example, as a new student in a PhD program at another college, I recently found myself 'drifting away' during a discussion of Carl Jung's 'transcendent function,' until I began exploring the idea as a facet of basic goodness (a concept thoroughly explored at Naropa). From this point onward, I was able to approach the course work with renewed vitality and interest! Beyond academic environs, my friends and co-workers continually comment on increases in my peace and well-being since my participation in the Contemplative Education program. More importantly, I notice such changes. I went into the program expecting a cursory treatment of awareness and growth. I walked away with a life-long sitting practice and a framework that informs my way of being in the world."
--Riki Dennis

"After completing my master's degree in Contemplative Education I returned to my work leading the Early Childhood program at St. Alcuin Montessori School in Dallas, Texas. I found the Education Beyond the Classroom option to be of huge benefit to my work with the thirty faculty members in my department. Both during the program and after graduation it was quickly apparent how this work changed my approach. While I had always been aware of the importance of 'holding' the community together, my work at Naropa took this awareness to a deeper level. I began immediately to incorporate contemplative practices into faculty meetings--we wrote in journals, observed in the classrooms daily, and created a space where we could speak freely about our own challenges and strengths. The community shifted and a deep respect and trust was cultivated. Other departments in the school have asked some of my teachers what we do at our meetings because they are seen strolling around campus with sketchbooks during 'meeting time.' All of us on the Early Childhood team are working on deepening our practice of working with children--my work in the adult community is no different. Thanks to Naropa's Contemplative Education program my ability to work with my faculty has deepened as well."
--Peggy Larson, Director of Lower School, St. Alcuin Montessori School.