Student Opportunities


Project Outreach: Directed by resident faculty member Jack Collom, Project Outreach places students in local schools and other institutions to lead creative writing workshops. Both BA and MFA students can receive course credit while developing their teaching skills for the benefit of the larger community. Project Outreach is offered every fall and spring semester as an elective course and offers students the unique opportunity to go out into the world as literary activists, sharpening and extending their own teaching skills.

SWP Panelists: The Summer Writing Program allows students to present as part of a panel discussion and gain teaching experience.


 SWP Magazine Editor
The SWP Magazine Editor positions are a unique opportunity to contribute to the Summer Writing Program. Magazine editors set guidelines for submission, editing, layout and all aspects of production and distribution of the annual Summer Magazine. This is the only lasting document of the SWP—your chance to go down in history. Both MFA and BA students are eligible for these positions.

Jack Kerouac School blog celebrates students, alumni, faculty, and staff by announcing news on publications projects, and events. JKS welcomes articles and news from students.

The Harry Smith Print Shop and Kavyayantra Press (from Sanskrit: Kavya: poetry; Yantra: device, amulet) are resources for learning about fine craft letterpress printing. It features a Chandler and Price platen press and a Vandercook SP-15 proof press.

Student Magazines: Students and alumni have started their own presses such as Monkey Puzzle, Fact-Simile, Belladonna, Bootstrap, Hot Whiskey, Farfalla, con/crescent, Linchpin, Smokeproof, and more. The Kerouac School is happy to support and encourage each.

Naropa Audio Archive Collection: The audio archive is a growing and dynamic database that is a significant resource for students and represents several generations of writers, philosophers, and artists. Each issue of Bombay Gin highlights a transcribed selection.


Student Events Committee: This committee assists with JKS events, readings, and gatherings and provides a great opportunity to become involved in the community while gaining experience in programming events. The committee also hosts a JKS student reading to showcase their work.

Faculty Liaison
This position involves assisting visiting SWP faculty members or SWP staff with course packets, copying, in-town transportation to and from events, dealing with mail and messages, collecting interview materials and other areas in which the guest faculty member may need support.

Student Activity Coordinator
The Student Activity Coordinator positions are a unique opportunity to help contribute to the Summer Writing Program curriculum. It’s a chance to represent the students during the Program and help develop events that are of interest to the entire community. Both MFA and BA students are eligible for these positions. These positions involve planning and running all student readings and salons (1–2 per week), lectures (up to two per summer), panels (one per week) and special events throughout the Summer Writing Program. SACs listen to the voices of the student body and set up events that meet student interest.

MFA & BA Student Readings: Each semester, Naropa hosts several MFA and BA readings for students to showcase their work.

Women of Naropa Reading: The Women of Naropa reading is an annual event held each fall and features readings by women faculty, alumni, and students. This reading is a fund-raiser for Bombay Gin and selected local charity groups to benefit women.

Bombay Gin reading and book release party: In coordination with the publication of Bombay Gin each semester, the editorial board coordinates a book release party with readings by contributors to the journal.