Table of Contents

Bombay Gin 39.1, 2013

Letter from the Editor

The Contemplative as Transgressive

Reed Bye
How it Begins, With Steps Into
There in the Throat as it Turns
Under the What
Soar Kestrel, Eyeing Fur
Thus We Are This

Michael Stewart
From Dreams Recorded: January to April 2012

Rebecca Brown
Transgressive Meditation

Robert Snyderman
Oral Tradition
"I don't believe in war"
North Canada

Barbara Henning
My Animal Eyeball
The Distance Between Us
To Be in the Film

Mg Roberts
backloop back

HR Hegnauer
From Sir

Chris Martin

Portfolio 1

Debbie Carlos
Mt Si

Ian Rummell

Anna Joy Springer
Identity as Encounter: I as Thou in Discontinuous Memoir

Anna Avery
The Diary of Water

Erik Anderson
From Estranger

Sarah Heady
The Himalaya
Injunction Invoking Calliope

Angel Dominguez
[A Pair of Triptychs]

Serena Chopra
From This Human

Matthew Cooperman
Spool 34

Michelle Auerbach
Can I Do This Spiritual Drag 

Brent Emerson
From Edge of a Mountain Forest

Kelly Alsup
fossil & found

Portfolio 2

Olivia Locher
From Another Day on Earth

CAConrad with Brenna Lee
(Soma)tic Disobedience: An Interview with CAConrad

Oblivious Imperialism is the Worst Kind
(Soma)tic Exercise: Grave a Hole as Dream a Hole

Angela Stubbs
Blue Ritual 

Richard Cohen
Play the Platypus Game



Suzanne Scanlon, Promising Young Women
Reviewed by Rachel Newlon

Azareen Van Der Vliet Oloomi, Fra Keeler
Reviewed by Denise Kinsley

Andrea Rexilius, Half of What They Carried Flew Away
Reviewed by Ginger Teppner