2011 - Bombay Gin 36.2

Editor’s Note

New Writing: Prose

Shane Joaquín Jiménez
Editor’s Preface

Bobbie Louise Hawkins
The Virtues of Gossip
Barry Hall in Africa
The Perversion a Plot Is
Let’s Hear it For the Ducks

Bhanu Kapil
Passive Notes
India, Notebooks
A Healing Narrative

Dominique Aurilla Vargas
Woman’s Work

Portfolio: 20 Years of Eco-Lit

Jack Collom with Jennifer Aglio and Suzanne DuLany
A Seed Germinates on a Muddy Edge: A Conversation with Jack Collom

Jack Collom
Address to the Boulder City Council
Nature Modes and Moves
Nature Poem
Sitting on the Walden Boardwalk (with Reed Bye)

Jack Collom
1989 Preface to the First Installment of Eco-Lit

20 years of eco-lit
Anthology: Alumni of Jack Collom’s Eco-Lit Course (1989-2009)

Joanne Kyger
Really There Is No Solution
“A Minimal Structural Statement of One’s Experience”
Very Steep Pressure Gradients

Andrew Schelling
from the Arapaho Songbook

Elizabeth Robinson
The Blue Heron

Hoa Nguyen
Prairie Notes
Meads and Bread
The Soul They Say
Ridiculous Couplets
Song Song

Naropa Audio Archives

Eleni Sikelianos
Endangered Species and Imagination

Book Reviews

Sherwin Bitsui’s Flood Song
Reviewedby Suzanne DuLany

Hoa Nguyen’s Hecate Lochia
Reviewed by Ariella Ruth

Laird Hunt’s Ray of the Star
Reviewed by Shane Joaquín Jiménez

Brenda Hillman’s Practical Water
Reviewed by Jennifer Phelps

Cesar Aira’s An Episode in the Life of a Landscape Painter
Reviewed by Kyle Pivarnik

Mark Nowak’s Coal Mountain Elementary
Reviewedby Steven Scheuer