Department Vision

Philosophy of Learning

The Master of Arts in Somatic Counseling Psychology provides students with the theoretical, clinical and professional skills to be effective psychotherapists grounded in the integration of body, mind and movement.

The program bases its philosophy on the belief that a functional unity exists between the mind and the body and that direct, unconditional experience of the present moment is, in and of itself, healing. A vital and basic way to experience the present moment is to fully occupy one’s own body.

Combined with movement and action that expresses one’s essence and striving to be of service, health is seen as a graceful dance with one’s inner and outer worlds.

The activity of therapy, then, involves removing learned obstructions to full-bodied awareness, owning, appreciation and action.

Holistic Study

Somatic Counseling Psychology course offerings are designed to create a matrix of learning in which study in each area connects and complements study in other areas.

While students are focusing on one class, they are challenged to address the perspectives and connections provided by other classes.

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