Beliefs and Values

The following departmental beliefs serve as guiding principles in the delivery of our course content:

  • Human beings are by nature whole and oriented toward growth
  • Human beings are, at birth, equipped with the rudimentary ability to discriminate between what is unhealthy and what is nurturing for them
  • One human being cannot “cure” another. A therapist provides an environment of structure, safety and skill through which the client helps himself or herself
  • Healing skills include attention, empathy, compassion, nonaggressive behavior, an appreciation for uncertainty, an ability to tolerate discomfort and a basic commitment to do no harm
  • Healing is always a system process involving self, environment and the interaction between both
  • Expressive and natural movement is a powerful tool that serves to synchronize healing
  • Contemplative disciplines are powerful tools in healing. In the training of therapists they cultivate the qualities of presence, attention, awareness and compassion

The Somatic Counseling Psychology Department values:

  • A fundamental view of humanity as whole and oriented towards growth
  • Training our students to grow, develop and support the wellness and sanity in their clients rather than to focus only on eliminating their illness
  • Learning experiences that synchronize and integrate experience and expression on a physical, emotional, cognitive, energetic and spiritual level
  • Developing a sense of community and an environment of co-creativity within the department, the university and the surrounding community
  • Communication based on an acknowledgment of individuality and diversity.
  • We believe that understanding and working with others is ultimately based on understanding and working with one's own personal dynamic