Contemplative Practice Requirement

Fundamental to Naropa University’s mission of contemplative education, the contemplative practice requirement is a crucial part of the Somatic Counseling Psychology training.

The Somatic Counseling Psychology program invites students to develop a deep relationship with their attention and the present moment. Through contemplative practice, students are supported in coming to terms with their attentional patterns and their humanness; learning how to direct themselves in and out of relationship compassionately; and learning how to give space between reaction and response.

These are crucial skill acquisitions for therapists.

There are two required sitting meditation credits as part of the curriculum. Each student will take the Body in Meditation and Psychotherapy, PSYS 646/649, which is offered for 1 credit in the fall and spring semesters of the first year.

There are additional opportunities for contemplative exploration, including Shambhala Training I, II, and III, IV; Shambhala Meditation Practicum; Vipassana or Zen meditation weekends; Touching the Moment retreat; Breeze of Simplicity retreat; and contemplative dance and movement classes.

The Somatic Counseling Psychology Department also has a contemplative practices coordinator who is available to answer any questions about contemplative practice and point students toward opportunities and resources that will support their exploration.

In addition to planning movement-based contemplative opportunities for Community Practice Day, the contemplative practices coordinator also organizes the contemplative movement series, which is offered free of charge to the Naropa University Graduate School of Psychology community. Somatic Counseling Psychology students are encouraged to attend. Look for posted flyers and emails announcing the contemplative series and related events.