During the low-residency MA Transpersonal Ecopsychology program, students are required to come to Naropa's Boulder campus for a one-week intensive each summer (two weeks in the second summer) and a three-day intensive each January. All other course work is done at a distance using the Internet.


The MA Transpersonal Ecopsychology program begins in the summer with the Meditation for Social Change Leaders course (PSYT 603e). This course, which consists of both online and on-campus learning, begins online at the start of the summer semester around the third week of May. It also has a three-day on-campus portion, which is held in Boulder at the Paramita Campus. Students then stay in Boulder for the summer one-week Transpersonal Psychology Intensive (PSYT 608), which is held at the Paramita campus.

The second summer intensive at the beginning of the second year is normally two weeks in length. More information about the second summer intensive will be available soon.


There are also two three-day winter intensives in Boulder in the Ecopsychology concentration. There will be more about winter intensives later.