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Somatic Counseling //
Master of Arts

The master’s degree in Somatic Counseling looks at the relationship between the mind and body as a dance: As one goes, so goes the other.

Grounded in the assumption that the body (soma in Greek) can be used to help individuals transform, this cohort program will give you the academic, experiential, and contemplative experience necessary to begin a compassionate, clinical practice.

Distinguished by a curriculum that emphasizes mindfulness and moving meditation as well as diversity and community engagement, Naropa’s Somatic Counseling program will help transform you into a deeply aware therapist passionate about helping others create change in their bodies, minds, and lives.

Somatic Counseling Master’s Degree Highlights

  • Participate as a cohort of 22 - 28 students in core classes where you will learn about yourself and enhance your interpersonal skills.
  • Engage in a 30-session Counseling Experiential with a qualified therapist that will give your first-hand psychotherapy experience and increased self- awareness.
  • Complete a 200-hour practicum and a 700-hour clinical internship.
  • Education in leading-edge research in developmental psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness based approaches to psychotherapy.
  • Culminating scholarly paper that reflects a synthesis of academic training, clinical experience, and psychological theory, formatted and submitted for publication in a professional journal.

Concentrations: Dance/Movement Therapy and Body Psychotherapy

Duration: The Somatic Counseling program is a 60-hour, full-time, three-year cohort program.

Professional Certifications: The Dance/Movement Therapy concentration is designed to meet the training guidelines of the American Dance Therapy Association and is an ADTA-approved program. This concentration fulfills the ADTA’s requirements for your initial registration as a Registered Dance/Movement Therapist (R-DMT).

The Somatic Counseling Program is an ISMETA (International Somatic Education and Therapy Association) Approved Training Program. Graduates of the Naropa University Somatic Counseling program are eligible to become ISMETA-Registered Somatic Movement Educators and/or Therapists upon graduation.

Meet Somatic Counseling Faculty

Careers of MA Somatic Counseling Program Graduates

Graduates of the Somatic Counseling program are well prepared to lead and serve in a range of settings from hospitals and clinics to schools and treatment centers. We have alumni who are working as therapists, clinical directors, wellness coordinators, dancers, family therapists, bilingual counselors, case managers, consultants, program directors and in many other capacities.

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