Religious Studies with Language

Religious Studies with Language // Master of Arts

"After reviewing the curriculum available at Naropa University, I practically fell in love. The mixture of traditional Buddhist contemplative study and the academia of what we call the Western world is exactly the kind of fusion I sought and intend to use in my own professional endeavors to teach Buddhist philosophy at the university level in America."
Cody Foster
Religious Studies student

The Naropa University master's degree in Religious Studies with Language gives you the enhanced option of adding the two-year study of Sanskrit and/or Tibetan to your graduate program.

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Offering the same concentrations as the Religious Studies MA—Contemplative Religions and Indo-Tibetan Buddhism—the Religious Studies with Language masters allows you to finish your degree in two years (though many students opt to take three) while providing you with the chance to learn Sanskrit—the language of Buddhism and yoga—and Tibetan, which opens the remarkable world of Buddhist literature and teachings.

Choosing to study Sanskrit, Tibetan, or both is a compelling choice if you are interested in pursuing doctoral studies or research in a field where these languages can inform your work.

Duration: The Religious Studies with Language program is a 61-credit, two-to-three-year program.

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