Tuition & Fees

Academic Credit Cost

Tuition for the 2011–12 academic year is the following:

  • $850 per credit hour for undergraduate credit
  • $850 per credit hour for graduate credit

In addition, online classes have a technology fee, based on the number of credits:

  • 4 credit hours $160
  • 3 credit hours $130
  • 2 credit hours $95
  • 1.5 credit hours $80

The total cost to attend a 3-credit Naropa Online Distance Learning class for credit is $2,680 undergraduate and $2,680 graduate.

Degree-seeking students also pay a mandatory registration fee per semester. See Naropa Tuition & Financial Aid pages.

Block tuition

Undergraduate students who sign up for 12 or more credits will have a different pricing structure. For details, contact the Coordinator of Student Accounts: .

Noncredit Cost

Noncredit seats are available in most online classes on a space-available basis. Students who attend Naropa Online classes with a noncredit status have full access to all course materials, lectures, discussions and activities for the duration of the term. However, no final grade is turned in for the student, and assignments may not be given grades. It is up to the student and instructor to determine what level of participation is appropriate. Your Naropa University transcript will not indicate that you have taken a class through Naropa.

The total noncredit price for a 3-credit course is $450.

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