Register with Distance Learning

Registration Deadlines

Registration for non-program students for the fall 2012 online classes starts 05/28/2012 and is open until the end of add/drop period 09/06/2012. The first day of the semester is 08/27/2012 and the last day of the semester is 12/14/2012.

You may attend online education classes in a variety of different ways at Naropa University. Each type of student has slightly different registration and admissions requirements. Please choose below how you would like to engage in our online campus and follow the instructions.

Naropa Program Students

If you have been accepted as a Naropa degree-seeking student, first contact your academic advisor and then register for individual classes via the Student tab on MyNaropa.

If you have not been accepted or have been accepted to begin in a future semester, please visit the Public Registration tab on MyNaropa.

Other Online Students

  1. Credit
    You may receive academic credit for Naropa Online classes, even if you have not been admitted to a degree program through Naropa University. There is no admissions process necessary, and you need not supply transcripts or proof of meeting course prerequisites. Some courses are offered for undergraduate level or graduate level credit. Please choose carefully as students may not change their level after the drop/add period ends. We strongly recommend that you check with your school if you are planning to transfer any credits.
  2. Noncredit
    As a noncredit student, you will not receive a grade or academic credit for your work in the online class. Your Naropa University Transcript will not indicate that you have taken a class. And there is no way to "upgrade" the noncredit status later, so please choose carefully. Because noncredit students are not graded, you may determine your own level of participation in the class.

Register as a noncredit student.

Please note that prepayment is needed in order to get access to a Naropa online class.

Class Activation

Please be aware of the 24-48 hour processing time between completing your registration and payment and being activated in your online class. The class activation is not instantaneous and needs to be done manually.