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Diversity & Contemplative Education

Why Study Diversity

The study of diversity is central to a liberal arts education. At Naropa University, students develop the tools necessary for living and working in a diverse world through the cultivation of knowledge, critical thinking and inquiry, and intercultural communication. More broadly, a mindful study of diversity awakens a greater understanding of others and helps uncover self-understanding and an understanding of self in relation to others.

To Study Diversity is to

Awaken a deeper understanding of self and others
Listening and responding to viewpoints that are different from your own helps you examine assumptions, clarify your beliefs and, most importantly, open yourself up to the many different ways that others live in the world.  

Think critically about living in a global society
Comparing what you know about the world to new research and theory about culture, communications and other important subjects develops a greater understanding of the interdependence among various cultures worldwide.

Practice responsible citizenship
Understanding multiple perspectives expands and changes how you act and react in the world. These skills and abilities help you practice responsible citizenship and actively engage in a socially just and diverse democracy.

Grow in cross-cultural competency
The mindful study of diversity and pluralism—across many disciplines—gives you the knowledge, understanding and analytical skills necessary to communicate cross-culturally in an informed, useful and compassionate way.

Naropa's Commitment to Diversity

Naropa University has a strong commitment to diversity in all of its forms. Diversity is central to a liberal
arts and contemplative education at Naropa University. The University continually works toward
strengthening diversity in the campus climate, the teaching and learning environment, student support
and related institutional policy.

Diversity-related events on campus include speakers, a film series, faculty colloquia, faculty diversity
workshops and anti-oppression trainings. Students are encouraged to join student organizations that
include Students of Color Support Group, Allies in Action, LGBTQIA and the International Student Group. The El Centro de la Gente Committee oversees Naropa's multicultural center and sponsors events to raise awareness of diversity issues. Tendrel, Naropa's journal of diversity issues, is published during the spring semester.

Cultural Appropriation Statement

In keeping with its mission to bring traditions of wisdom into the curriculum of modern education while
cultivating mindfulness, awareness and heart, Naropa University is committed to respectful and
responsible engagement with such traditions. It is the policy of the University that planning of all courses, programs and events sponsored by the University will include vigilance for irresponsible, insensitive or otherwise improper use of customs, lore, ceremonies, rituals, teachings and other materials belonging to or identified with particular cultural or ethnic groups. The University will be responsive to concerns raised regarding issues of cultural appropriation through a formal procedure of registering, investigating and attempting to resolve such concerns.

Naropa University as a whole and its academic departments in particular are responsible for engaging the staff, faculty and students in education about the ethical issues regarding cultural appropriation and the curricular oversight necessary to ensure that awareness of these issues is sustained.

The policy also contains a complaint procedure, which can be found in the student handbook.