Yoga Studies Major (BA)

"The technique of a world-changing yoga has to be as uniform, sinuous, patient, all-including as the world itself. If it does not deal with all the difficulties or possibilities and carefully deal with each necessary element, does it have any chance of success?"—Sri Aurobindo

A Bachelor of Arts Degree consists of 30 credits of Core Curriculum and at least one Major (36–60 credits), for a total of 120 credits. 

Naropa University's Yoga Studies program is dedicated to the education, preservation, and application of the vast teachings of yoga. The program offers a comprehensive study of yoga's history, theory, and philosophy, as well as providing an in-depth immersion and training in its practice and methodologies. Balancing cognitive understanding with experiential learning, students study these ancient teachings for transformation while gaining the necessary knowledge and skills to safely and effectively teach yoga.

The curriculum systematically covers the rich and diverse history, literature, and philosophies of the yoga tradition, while immersing students in the methodologies of Hatha yoga, including asana, pranayama, and meditation. In addition, students study Sanskrit, Ayurveda, anatomy, yoga therapy, Hinduism, Tantra, and Buddhism, all while engaging in an intensive teacher training curriculum. This major trains and encourages students to develop practice as a way of life, one that informs livelihood, health, creative expression, and service to community.

Upon completion, students earn both a bachelor's degree and a 1,000-hour certificate in Yoga Teacher Training, which meets and exceeds the 500-hour requirement of Yoga Alliance. All graduates are eligible to become Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT500) with Yoga Alliance.

Yoga Studies Major Requirements

Required Courses


  • TRA133 Yoga I: Foundations (3)


  • TRA233 Yoga II: Psychology of the Chakras (3)
  • TRA333 Yoga III: Integral Practice (3)
  • TRA453 Yoga History, Theory, and Philosophy (3)
  • TRA463 Yoga Meditation Practicum (3)
  • Anatomy
    Choose 3 credits
    • PAR101 Experiential Anatomy (3)
    • PSYB100 Anatomy (3)
  • Language
    Choose 3 credits:
    • REL277 Sanskrit I (4)
    • REL355 Sanskrit in the Sacred Traditions of India (3)
  • Enrichment Electives
    Choose 6 credits (5 credits if REL277 is taken)
    • PSYB304 Somatic Intelligence: The Neuroscience of Our Body-Mind Connection (3)
    • REL210 Religion & Mystical Experience (3)
    • REL330 Contemplative Hinduism (3)
    • REL334 Hindu Yoga-Tantra (3)
    • TRA100 Shambhala Meditation Practicum (3)
    • TRA114 Indian Devotional and Raga Singing (3)
    • TRA499 Independent Study (0.5–4.0)


  • TRA433 Yoga IV: Teacher Training (3)
  • TRA449 Yoga V: Teacher Training (3)
  • TRA485 Senior Retreat (1)
  • TRA489 Senior Colloquium (2)

Total Credits 36