Contemplative Art Therapy Major (BA)

A Bachelor of Arts degree consists of 30 credits of Core Curriculum and at least one Major (36–60 credits), for a total of 120 credits.

In this 51-credit major, students engage in an in-depth liberal arts education that integrates traditional and progressive approaches to the behavioral sciences, a strong introduction to art therapy theory, visual arts studio education, and community-based service learning opportunities. The innovative, carefully designed curriculum blends the intellectual and experiential traditions of East and West perspectives.

The curriculum encompasses art therapy courses as well as significant credits in visual arts, world art history, and psychology, with a field placement incorporated into the senior year. Students in this program benefit from a robust foundation leading to a sound undergraduate understanding of art therapy, the therapeutic qualities of art, and experiential appreciation for contemplative studies related to art, psychology, and social needs. This program is held in the School of the Arts to further support the development of a personal and group artist identity.

Program Highlights

The program cultivates academic excellence and contemplative awareness, fosters a framework to develop a thriving studio practice, and the educational and experiential foundation to probe more deeply into art therapy by continuing your education in Naropa’s Graduate School concentration in Transpersonal Art Therapy or another art therapy graduate program.

Contemplative Art Therapy Major Requirements

Required Courses


  • ATH230 Introduction to Art Therapy (3)
  • ART101 2-D Design: Art Techniques and Experimentation (3)
  • ART102 Contemplative Ceramics: Form and Human Connection (3)
  • ART125 Introduction to Drawing (3)
  • ART245 Introduction to Painting: Realism (3)
  • PSYB101 Western Psychology (3)
  • Art History
    Choose 3 credits:
      • ART301 World Art I: Ancient to Middle Ages (3)
      • ART351 World Art II: Medieval and Modern Transformations (3)


  • ATH330 Art Therapy Theory and Application (3)
  • ATH430 Art Therapy Studio Methods (3)
  • PSYB314 Buddhist Psychology I: Mindfulness Meditation (3)
  • PSYB325 Buddhist Psychology II: Awakening Compassion (3)
  • PSYB345 Developmental Psychology (3)
  • PSYB371 Personality Theories (3)
  • PSYB415 Maitri: Working with Emotions (3)
  • PSYB420 Abnormal Psychology (3)


  • ART440 Warrior Artist: Risk and Revelation in Studio Art (3)
  • PSYB425 Field Placement (3)

Total Credits 51