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Bachelor's Degree

Contemplative Art Therapy

What if you could combine your love of making art with studying the workings of the mind?

Contemplative Psychology

At Naropa University, we seek to inspire your full human “beingness” so you can do likewise with others.

Creative Writing and Literature

Invent your own genre. Analyze Shakespeare, avant-garde cinema, and modern poetry. Write your first novel.

Elementary Education

Obtain a fully-accredited professional licensure, bringing the benefit of mindful and compassionate teaching into the lives of the next generation.

Environmental Studies

What if you could serve a role helping humanity regain a harmonious relationship to the earth?

Interdisciplinary Studies

Build a major that looks like you and you alone.


Transcending genres, cultures, and narrow artistic conventions, the music program at Naropa will help you find your true voice.

Religious Studies

Most religious studies programs focus on the intellectual exploration of text, ritual, and culture. At Naropa, we go deeper.

Visual Arts

Become a balanced human being with a conscious art practice, business savvy, and a powerful identity to engage the world.

Yoga Studies

Align your major with your practice in Yoga.

Minor in Peace Studies

Is there anything more inspiring than working with others to build a just, peaceful, and sustainable world?

All Minors

A minor is an optional, 12-credit academic specialization within a focused curricular area.

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Your Undergraduate Experience

Transform yourself. Transform the world.

At Naropa University you will be earning more than just a bachelor’s degree. You will enter a transformative process. Through the alchemical process of contemplative education you will meet: Yourself. Your community. A creative space for exploration. 

Resilience, presence and compassion will be your friends along the way. Naropa provides the crucible-like container to facilitate transformative change.

Do you believe the world has the potential for transformation? Do you believe you have a role to play?  Is there something in you waiting to be ignited?