Student profiles

Jordan Trevor Quaglia
Graduate Research Assistant

Current student in MA Transpersonal Counseling Psychology Program, Naropa University
BA in Positive Organizational Leadership, University of Richmond

Jordan is a graduate student in the Transpersonal Counseling Psychology program.  He majored in Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Richmond with concentrations in psychology, leadership, and business, and a minor in Creative Writing.  His senior thesis was a psychology research project comparing the effects of two forms of Reminiscence Therapy on affect and affective language in healthy subjects and in early-onset Alzheimer’s patients.  Jordan presented his research at the 23rd Annual Adult Development Symposium.

Jordan came to Naropa University to prepare himself for a career in the mental health field and/or a doctoral program.  He appreciates being in a learning environment which teaches skillful means for treating pathology while honoring the client’s path. Furthermore, Jordan was drawn to Naropa for its emphasis on cultivating compassion, sharpening intellect, and developing genuine confidence from the inside-out. Jordan’s research interests include contemplative psychology, social neuroscience, meditation, the interpersonal effects of contemplative practice, and contemplative neuroscience.

Since joining the lab in January 2009, Jordan has greatly appreciated the combination of cutting-edge topics in research and scientific rigor.  In summer 2009, he had the opportunity to attend the Mind and Life Summer Research Institute and further his engagement with contemplative psychological science.  Jordan looks forward to continuing the study of these mutually-supportive wisdom traditions of contemplative practice and psychological science.