Is Naropa for You?

Naropa University attracts an intellectually diverse student population. Here are just a few of the many personalities that flourish at Naropa.

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The Musician

Meet Paris

Paris started singing when she was three--music is in her blood. She was inspired by musicals, such as West Side Story and The Sound of Music, from a young age. One of her favorite artists is Lauryn Hill, because she is a lyricist and rapper as well as a singer, and she knows the power of words. Paris' mission statement as an artist is still under construction.

In Naropa University's BA in Music program, she'll find that the practice of music encompasses the whole musician--the ear and its sensitivity to pitch and rhythm, the intellect and the intricacies of music theory, the body and technical demands of playing an instrument, and the contemplative and expressive world of the heart.

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The Environmentalist & Poet

Meet Dustin

For Dustin, environmental studies is part of his personal interaction with the world, and his practice is writing. He is inspired by writers like Gary Snyder and Jerome Rothenberg. For his thesis, he wrote an eco-criticism of The Epic of Gilgamesh. His mission statement is: "Know the animal that you are, be that in the world, and love deeply and truly."

He can pursue a BA in Environmental Studies, developing the knowledge base and skills needed to address complex environmental issues. His studies will be transdisciplinary, drawing from Western-based natural and social sciences, as well as other sources of wisdom and tradition represented at Naropa.

He can revise and improve upon his creative work during his studies in the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics, in hopes of getting published in Bombay Gin, the school's literary journal that features work from the Naropa community and established writers alike. He can also take Letterpress Printing for a new perspective on the significance of each letter and economy of words.

See also: Summer Writing Program

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The Activist

SherryActivism is a core component of the Naropa experience. The first-year Humanities Seminar and second-year Civic Engagement Seminar will immerse her in the history and mechanics of challenging the status quo and taking her new skills into the public to make positive change in the world. She'll also find plenty of student groups, like the Student Union of Naropa (SUN), and additional classes in her major or electives to satisfy her desire for civic engagement. Sherry is on a mission to change the world, from the inside out. She volunteers with Bead for Life, an organization that empowers women in Uganda. She is always looking for innovative ways to make the world a better place. Naropa has helped fuel her passion for continuing to do social justice work.

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The Peacemaker

Meet Kelly

Kelly is passionate about studying Performance and Peace Studies. During her internship with PeaceJam, she used a variety of media to teach children about peace and to see that there are alternatives to violence. Kelly would like to serve the world through her art. She sees her work as part of her spiritual path of developing selflessness and kindness.

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The Bookworm

Meet Daniel

Danny sees books not as individual bodies of work, but as stars in constellations, connected in the night sky through vision, creativity, and humanity. For him, one field of study leads to another, and he always wants to learn more. His most treasured book is The Complete Stories of Franz Kafka. In his favorite story "The Metamorphosis," he recognizes where he has come from.

A faculty-guided, self-designed course of study with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies will allow him to custom-fit his Naropa University experience to his own unique passions and curiosities. He'll choose courses from two or three of the disciplines offered in Naropa's other departments and build on those as the foundation for creating his own academic path.

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The Writer 


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