tea house on Naropa's Arapahoe Campus


The heart of Naropa University is contemplative education—a philosophy that asks each community member to live with awareness and respect for one another and the world. Sustainable practices are an essential part of this mission.

Viewed through the lens of contemplative education, sustainability is not just a theory, but the root of all healthy action. Becoming aware of how one relates to others and the world is one aspect of a contemplative life. Through the cultivation of awareness, one learns to walk lightly on the earth.

At Naropa, we view the practice of sustainability as essential to the current and future needs of this planet and its inhabitants through the acknowledgement of the deep interrelationship between all beings and phenomena. Attention to the nature of complex living systems is the ground of an authentic path that can assure the Earth's viability as a home for future generations. This commitment goes beyond specific environmental objectives; the practice of sustainability cuts across all disciplines and fields of study, in that it envisions, and moves us toward, a society founded on respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice, and a culture of peace.

All Naropa community members bring their awareness and wisdom to this ongoing effort, ensuring that Naropa University continues to lead the way in campus sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Read our Statement of Commitment to the Practice of Sustainability.