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Alumni Voices Project

Sponsored by the Naropa Alumni Association and Career & Community Engagement

In celebration of Naropa's 40th anniversary, we are launching an exciting project called "Alumni Voices" to gather stories from our amazing alumni—through video!

The premise is simple: there are four questions, and we invite you to answer a question through a video that is less than two minutes. You can choose to answer one, all, or any selection of the questions below, in any way you see fit (verbally, musically, poetically, visually, etc.). We hope to capture a glimpse of what life after Naropa has been like for you, and how the impact of your Naropa experience continues to unfold in your life. 

The Questions:

  1. Share a story of a transformational moment during your Naropa experience.
  2. How does your Naropa education play out or impact your post-Naropa life?
  3. What would you share with someone just beginning their journey at Naropa?
  4. What is your hope or dream for Naropa over the next 40 years?

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Respond via video to 1 of the above prompts/questions in any way you see fit (e.g., verbally, musically, poetically, visually):
  2. Try to keep your response to two minutes or less!
  3. Upload your video to a YouTube channel as an unlisted video; see uploading instructions
  4. Send an email to  with the link to your video; your current name (and name while at Naropa if different); degree and major from Naropa; graduation year; and current contact information. Please include a signed copy of Naropa's release form.
  5. You are done! We will contact you when we are ready to share your video. Our plan is to embed  videos on a web page on We will also select our favorites and create a highlight reel that we'll share at the alumni reunion in October. 

Thanks so much for considering this invitation. We can't wait to receive your video!

For more information, please contact Director of Alumni Relations Melissa Holland at 303-546-3597 or .

Special Thanks and Acknowledgements

We share our gratitude with the alumni leaders who helped create and support this new project. Thank you to John March, BA '84, for sharing his wisdom and tech savvy with us in initially shaping this project. And special thanks to our "beta testing" alumni volunteers, who shared their feedback and support: Dan Wolpert, MA '88, Linda Faucheux, MA '94 and Robert Cooper, BA '06.