Ram Dass: Naropa Reflections

"Ram Dass, who for forty-five years or more has been a seminal figure in bringing the deep contemplative traditions of the East, especially Hinduism and Buddhism, to western students, was integral in the launch of Naropa Institute in 1974. In many ways, he and our founder Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche couldn't be more different in their approaches to teaching and working with students. But the fact was that they had deep personal affection and respect for one another. Genuine teachers are like that.

Trungpa Rinpoche's invitation to Ram Dass to Naropa's first summer was obvious in many ways. Ram Dass, through his own practice and teaching, not only brought true dharma to his tens of thousands of western students but unfailingly lives his message of compassion and service through the wonderful health care delivered to the poorest among us by his Seva Foundation—the pioneering end-of-life care training through his work with Metta Institute—and so many other manifestations of generosity."

—Chuck Lief, Naropa University President